Babine Watershed Monitoring Trust

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Trust Purposes

Focus is on effectiveness monitoring of Babine land use plan objectives.
Impartial monitoring research: planning, prioritizing, directing, facilitating, funding.
Collecting and providing information on monitoring activities and results.
Providing monitoring results to enable government’s affirmation and/or improvement of land use plans.

Funding Monitoring

Trust document restricts and directs trustees on how trust funds can be spent.
Monitoring Framework enables impartial priority-setting and cost-benefit analysis for selecting monitoring projects.
Trust may hire professional and administrative support.


5 trustees – Initially individuals involved in developing the Trust.
Trustees replaced using selection process involving BVCRB and MSRM.
Trustees do not represent stakeholders.

Monitoring Results

Available publicly.
Used to update Monitoring Framework.
Government responds on how monitoring results considered in plan amendment processes.

Who is Involved

The Babine Watershed Monitoring Trust was developed by the Babine Watershed Monitoring Governance Design Group (Babine GDG) with representatives from Bulkley Valley Community Resources Board, Babine River Foundation, Pacific Inland Resources (West Fraser Mills Ltd.), Ministry of Forests, Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection, and Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management.
Ministry of Sustainable Resource Management funded facilitation and support for the Babine GDG. Babine River Foundation and Pacific Inland Resources have also provided legal counsel for creating the trust.
Facilitation and support for developing the Babine Watershed Monitoring Trust has been provided by Liz Osborn, Wildland Nexus.